Best Wooden Deck Design for Smart House Extension

HOUSESPLANSTINY.COM - In the year of 2012, a great house extension with wooden deck design was done by Martin Cenek Architecture in Veleslavín, Prague, Czech Republic. Offering a very dazzling view, this place would be fun to be lived.
That what were the designers and the owner thought before. However, since the state was very bad, this dwelling turned into an uncomfortable living space for the owner.
Until finally the designers were succeed in conjuring the atmosphere of this residence. By adding one other story above and redesigning the interior, this house had changed into a cozy residency.

Look at the exterior. By still maintaining the old shape of this house, instead of changing it into a new one, the designers only extending the volumes, repainted the walls, and added a new story.
The house extension ideas are now providing some new area for this family to enjoy together such as the wooden deck design. A wooden roof terrace above there must be nice in hot days for sunbathing, or even in snowy days.
Days or nights, both also will be fine. If the old model had 2 colors white and light brown, the new one is different. Painted in all white and leaving some areas covered in cement only give this house a different feel.
A medium swimming pool also added into the backyard of this house. On the wooden deck, an outdoor dining table also installed there. Geometric shape of the exterior of this house will take us to a great interior design.

Carrying contemporary concept which is not seen from the outside, the designers succeed surprising you. All colored in white, this house brings wider and clearer atmosphere to the owner. A white modern staircase inside this house also shows a luxury and simple feel.
The wooden flooring of this house made from wooden parquet. This chose for its durability and easy to maintain. On the roof terrace, there is a big window installed. The function is to give the area below some more pure lights.
Proper lights and color surely have an important role in giving wider impression. Unique and smart ways have to be understood well. To have further info, pictures, and the house extension ideas plans with the wooden deck design, you can check them out by clicking the link given.

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