Best of One Way Glass Windows for Amazing Modern Villa Design

Near the Lake Edsviken in Sweden, north Stockholm, a modern villa with one way glass windows was renovated by Rahel Belatchew Lerdell from Belatchew Arkitekter.

Built as a 5,382 square foot lakeside villa, this amazing building was designed by Hambo Nielsen in 1967. Green views combined with the blue view really give a serene atmosphere to this villa. Wooden façade blends this residence with the nature perfectly.

Stone stairs in front of this house will take you to the front terrace. Completed with black seats here, you will be able to enjoy the scenery given by the combination of the lake and dense trees.

Stone flooring, wooden ceilings, and wooden exterior walls are cooling up the atmosphere every time. Another terrace of this modern villa designs which apply the one way glass windows located in the back side of this building.

Face towards a spacious green yard, the terrace provides 2 wooden lazy chairs, and an outdoor dining table. Your family would be happy to spend your leisure here.

Lots of one-way glass windows are installed around the villa to let you have the best view of the scenery without losing your privacy. Perfect view is seen from the family room. Completed with white upholstered sofas and wooden floor, this room gives a different sensation of site.

A fire pit also applied to this room to warm up your cold holidays. Bordered by a white wall, behind it there is an indoor dining area. A rounded white table is put to accommodate 6 people.

Both of the dining area and family room were built in a spacious area. The spacious impression also helped by lots of lighting and white color combination.

In one other corner, you will find a contemporary kitchen. Still colored in white, this kitchen has very complete amenities installed. Facing right toward the lake, your cooking section would be very enjoyable and gladden.

Want to stay here? Want to have this one kind of house? Or maybe you still want to know about the bedroom, bathroom, and other rooms? You can go to see the pictures and this modern villa designs plans with one way glass windowsby clicking the link given.

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