4 Wooden Floor Laminate for Impressive Home Office Desk Design

A minimalist room with the wooden floor laminatewill be complete with this beautiful home office desk designed by Kaiju Studios for Herman Miller. It’s called Aria, which representing a very outstanding desk with super minimalist look. With the brown and white accent, the desk is a good thing to be placed on the minimalist home office.

The whole design of this home office desk ideas is ergonomic. It can be placed on almost any place. However, this desk has a special function to be the office desk. It has a nice table leg design with a strong material.

It has a shiny layer that when you drop your palm hand on there, you will feel some plastic texture on it. It has a shiny white color with the wooden texture in a brown color. Well, those combinations look creamy with a nice accent. It’s good for the room with wooden floor laminatesurface.
This desk also has a nice drawer with an effective storage. It will make you easy to organize the things that you need on the desk. A nice area for the monitor LCD or any other decorating element makes this worktable look beautiful in its color.

You also will get a super comfort and ergonomic taste whenever working on this table. This is supporting your daily activities to finish the task from home. The elevated part on the back will be a good space to put almost things you want to display on there. It’s very attractive on its design.

With the lightweight and compact size, this desk is good for the home office. You can easy to move it on another place if you want. A simple drawer on the desk is a good design. It seems like it has a hidden space on the desk. Well, those home office desk design ideas with the wooden floor laminateare great and you should try to pick this as one of your buy list.

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