Your Small Backyard Terrace for Brilliant Contemporary

What will you say about this contemporary home concept with small backyard terrace? Located in Curacao Island, in the southern Caribbean Sea, an amazing villa which you can rent as your private home was built by Diego Hanao.

Built within a modern design, this villa provides you with the view of the edge of a cliff in Curacao. The design and the environment are working together to please you whenever you are here. This 3,488 square foot building is able to be booked all year, costs about $309 to $439 per night. The cost depends on the season and number of guests.

From the façade, you will see this villa is colored in all white. Geometric shape dominates the appearance. Go further to the inside, you will find a unique front door. It is a quite big wooden door. Instead of consists from 2 leaves, this door only has 1.

Then, how does it work? You push the handle, and this door will turn around and opened for you! Isn’t this contemporary home design amazing with its small backyard terrace? Now you are in the living room.

White upholstered sofas will spoil your day, accompanied by a modern coffee table and a chest cabinet with a television on it. The whole room is painted in white also, and installing white ceramics for its flooring.

More to the back, there is a small backyard terrace of this house. Wooden plaited chairs with red pad decorate the area. No green grass, but a swimming pool is waiting for you. Near the swimming pool, there is also the dining area situated.

Bordered by a giant glass sliding door, across the dining area is the kitchen of this villa. Both of the dining area and kitchen have a modern appearance. Colored in white with the touch of red, silver, and black colors, these rooms give some more cozy impression. A lot of floor-to-glass sliding windows are also installed to let more sun shines come in.

Near the T-shaped swimming pool, you can find a spacious lying couch. Behind it, a contemporary decoration, which is a white single wall with whole, also beautify the circumstance.

Want to stay here? Or want to redesign your house similar to this one? Go check out the pictures and information further also this contemporary home design plans with the small backyard terraceby clicking the link given.

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