Best Large Master Bedroom for Excellent Comfortable Hotel Concept

White color building theme with large master bedroomcan be applied well to decorate building so it will look more modern in its appearance such concept of comfortable hotel that is built in Aqua Vista Hotel project that is modified in an excellent modern building concept.

Wonderful large lake view actually becomes special characteristic of hotel that is built in this project. This hotel building will look more perfect in its appearance to be decorated in white color scheme. Actually it will be able to represent modern hotel building that has artistic building style.

Large bedroom space in this hotel is also designed comfortably by applying soft bedroom interior theme that is modified by using beautiful decoration concept.

Beautiful bedcover design will look more perfect in its appearance to be applied to decorate large master bedroomwhich it is as innovative bedroom decoration concept. It can be categorized into comfortable hotel beds that have elegant appearance and modern decoration feature.

Comfortable outdoor space is also created well to decorate hotel in this project. It is created by applying comfortable furniture design that is applied well to decorate outdoor space.

White furniture design is also used well to design exterior space so it will look brighter, cleaner and more comfortable in its appearance. Outdoor space design is also added to decorate house exterior which it can be used well to relax. Concrete construction and natural stone decoration is used well to design exterior spa.

On the other hand, elegant blue curtain color will look so artistic to be combined with elegant brown curtain motif that is applied together to decorate glass window.

It is as beautiful interior decoration concept that will make modern interior space to look more interesting and exclusive in its appearance. Large glass window is applied in some sides of building wall.

Besides, concepts of clean hotel beds for this large master bedroom also become special decoration concept that is applied in this project.

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